Online Survey for Government Decision-Makers & Influencers

1. Do you think automation of your government processes (or workflows) and forms can help a state, county or city in 2020?
3. If you have already transitioned to online forms, did you use the change to online forms as an opportunity to improve existing government processes or workflows?
5. Does your government have a digital transformation initiative to transition paper-based or manual work to digital documents and automation?
6. Does your government have an initiative to become “smart” and more connected in terms of the Internet of Things in the future?
8. Which of the following would you find most important for you if government workflow automation and online forms delivered the following? Click all that are important:
9. What type of information would you find most valuable to learn more about online forms and government workflow automation? Click all boxes that apply below:


3. Are you currently using an automation solution provider?